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What is Telephone Extension List (Ext32) ?

What is EXTension list (ext32)?Telephone Extension List (Ext32) is the successor to Show Extensions 2.0. It is a small fast utility program that allows you to see all the users and their telephone extension numbers, and optionally other details such as full name, department and position. Telephone Extension List (Ext32) was formally know as Telephone Extension List 3.0, however in order keep it synchronised with version of MonTel, it has had it version number changed to current version of MonTel 2.11.32 (which means that version 2.11.32 is actually more recent than 3.0.

Telephone Extension List (Ext32) can replace a printed list of extensions, keeping everyone up to date, saving paper, time and hassle. It is fast and one click away from being visible.

Telephone Extension List (Ext32) is small and very quick and pops up on your screen very quickly making it easier to use than finding your way through an E-Mail program or an on-line address book.

Telephone Extension List (Ext32) is a free software product of Netwiz. You can use it on your computer network and on any number of computers free providing you agree to the non onerous software licence agreement.

Ext32 can be downloaded from the MonTel Web site at