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Change Log MonTel

Explanation of Version or Change History

In the 16bit version of MonTel, the Major Version number was always 1, and the minor version number was either 0, 1 or 2. The History of the changes was tracked by the build number of MONTEL16.EXE. For example, Version 1.2 Build 4248.

Version 2 introduced the 32 bit version of MonTel, and kept the same feature set as the corresponding version 1 (16bit) release. The change history of Version 2.2 and earlier parallels (mostly) the changes made at the same time in the 16bit version. From 2.3 MonTel was exclusively 32bit, and support for the 16bit version (except the DOS based server) was dropped.

Patches reflect Build numbers. Patches indicate minor bug fixes, changes or custom features that don't require a major release, or changes that affect only a small number of MONTEL executables. The patch number is the 3rd number in the in the dotted version number.

The next Patches details may appear here several days before release, and under go some changes before being finalised. This is partly to document the changes in one place, and partly to avoid flooding MONTEL clients with patches. Patches for Beta tests will be significantly more frequent, perhaps in rare cases exceeding one per day.

The build number is the 4th number, which tracks - tests of new features, undocumented changes, minor bugs, and will only be documented sporadic ally. This is incremented independently of the version number, so the build number will always be larger than the previous build number of any version.

The change history from 2.3 to 2.10 inclusive has been removed from the web-site as it is now not longer in use anywhere.

Please not that the numbers are decimal, within the dotted notation. So 2.12.1 is a more recent version than 2.9.4

Netwiz urges you to make sure that you use the latest version of the MonTel 32bit client when it is released. Use can always check the version of the client from the about item on the help menu.

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