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PABX Drivers (or receivers)

Each PABX or telephone system needs its own driver as each system has its own output format for the SMDR port. Therefore the MonTel system must have a suitable driver (technically a receiver) for each type of PABX that it can support.

Netwiz will write additional drivers if required for any applicable PABX, Commander, Key or Telephone system your firm might have at the time of installation. This may extend the installation period by up to three weeks, subject to full information about the format of the SMDR port, and an ability to retrieve some sample data is available.

The list is expanding all the time and includes various systems and system versions from vendors such as:

The list of 32Bit drivers at the time of publication includes:

index91AVAYA INDeX 9.1
ip406AVAYA IP-406
ciscocm4CISCO Call Manager 4.01
e110-09ERICSON MD110 BC-9 Format
e110-10ERICSON MD110 BC-10 Format
e110-11ERICSON MD110 BC-11 Format
e-md110ERICSON MD110
eric150ERICSON Business Phone 150
eric250ERICSON Business Phone 250
e-250-4ERICSON 250 (Unknown-4)
e-250-3ERICSON 250 (Unknown-3)
e-250-2ERICSON ABS 250 (CIL-3-Hotel)
easb250ERICSON ASB 250 (CIL2 Format)
ericuERICSON (Unknown model)
fuj9600FUJITZU 9600M (Revision 2-5)
fujf640FUJITSU F640
gsx1832GOLDSTAR GSX 1832/3672 Basic
gds600HYBREX GDS-600
bx320HYBREX BX-320
attdef(LUCENT) AT&T Definity v3 S/W
defuknLUCENT Definity G3x (Unknown Format)
definityLUCENT Definity G3x (International Direct)
necd3NEC D3 Sys 120 (no Trunk Num)
necd3tNEC D3 Sys 120 (Trunk Num)
sds2400NEC SDS 2400
neax2400NEC NEAX 2400 (U.S.)
nec7400bNEC NEAX 7400 ICS Model 120 (var b)
nec7400NEC NEAX 7400 ICS Model 120
ndk9000rNEC NDK-9000 (MIFM-U13 ETU) (route advance)
ndk9000NEC NDK-9000 (MIFM-U13 ETU)
xenaxisNEC Xen Axis
xenmastNEC Xen Master B64-U13 KSU
rangerpNEC Ranger Pro MIF-F(P)-11 v2.01
stdcsvNETWIZ MonTel Standard CSV format Version 1.0
dx-z600auNITSUKO dX-Z600+ (AUS date format)
dx-z600usNITSUKO dX-Z600+ (USA date format)
nit96iNITSUKO dX-96i
mrdn19NORTEL Meridian 1
gdk186auNORTEL GDK 186 (Aus Date)
gdk186usNORTEL GDK 186 (USA Date)
tda200PANASONIC TDA200 Pattern A
tda30PANASONIC TDA30 Pattern A
tda100PANASONIC TDA100 Pattern A
idcs500bSAMSUNG iDCS 500 Key System (Var b)
idcs500SAMSUNG iDCS 500 Key Systsem
hp3550SEIMENS HiPath 3550
sms150e2SIEMENS HiCom 150E (OfficePro)
sms150eSIEMENS HiCom 150E (v2.2)
an616TELECOM Commander AN-616
bn2464TELECOM Commander BN-2464
hx616TELECOM Commander HX-616
teld72TELECOM Commander D-72
tel9600TELECOM 9600M (Revision 2-5)
nt-sl1NORTEL Meridian SL-1 standard non CLID
_3com_nbx3COM NBX (For V6 TSP)
tapi_genGeneric TAPI driver
tapitestTAPI test driver (reads all)
officeservOfficeServ (for Open TSP V1)