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How to run update the MonTel Server to run as as a Service on Windows 2000

The MonTel Server now comes in three flavours Server, ServerCN and ServerSV.

  • The original 16bit DOS version - server.exe
  • The 32bit Win32 (Windows 32 bit) console version - ServerCN.exe
  • and now The 32bit service application - ServerSV.exe

ServerSV is a Windows Service application?

Services applications can only run on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. See What is a service application?

MonTel ServerSV

MonTel ServerSV is a modified version of the ServerCN console application, containing a minimal number of modifications to allow it to run continuously, and some more serious additions to allow it to interact with the Service Control Manager (you can think of this for practical purposes as being the Operating System - manifest in the Control Panel Applet - Services.)

A standard Service, generally uses the "Local System Account". However this account does NOT have any network access, so you will need to log the service on as specific account on the Local Computer that also has network access. In addition, a service is unable to use mapped drives, so the Output paths (there are two in the [Directory] section of PABX.INI will need to be modified to UNC path names.

Configuring ServerSV

The fist step is to install ServerCN (the console version of the Server application), and make sure that this is working. This may require leaving it running on site for a couple of days.

Once this is running successfully, you will need to first modify the PABX.INI file (using EdINi32) to change the OutputMainDataPath and OutputUsersPath to a UNC path name in the [Directory] section (in this example NETWIZ1 is the Server name, and DATA is the share name):

OutputMainDataPath = "\\NETWIZ1\DATA\MONTEL\MAIN"
OutputUsersPath = "\\NETWIZ1\DATA\MONTEL\Users"

You will also need to add the following settings to the [MonTel Server] section:

MonTelServerLogin = "NETWIZDN\David"
MonTelServerComputerName = "DM7"

Where MonTelServerLogin is the correct Domain\login name setting for the network account, and MonTelServerComputerName is the name of the computer on which the service is running. If the MonTel Application path and the above paths are on the local computer, then it is possible to use the Local System Account. In which case these paths will (probably) refer to C: drive, and MonTelServerLogin can be left blank. If you are using the Local Service account then the domain will be ".", so the example will be: MonTelServerLogin = ".\David".

For Version 2.10 changed the following settings in the [MonTel Server] section to make sure that changes in the PABX.INI file restarts the service internally, rather than exiting (or in reality doing nothing).

ExitServerIfINIisUpdated = 2

This setting is in the [Program] in version 2.9.

Test that the ServerCN is still running once these changes have been made to make sure the UNC paths are correct.

Installing ServerSV

Open a DOS Box (console prompt) on the computer which will run the service in the MonTel Application directory. You will need to map a drive to be able to do so, if one has not all ready been mapped. Don't try to do an installation to the local drive, and the installer will want to know that it can access the serversv executable over a network.

(For versions prior to 2.10.18)

ServerSV INSTALL [Password]

Where [Password] is the password for the specified account in the PABX.INI file (and without the square brackets).

C:\Apps\MonTel>serversv install XYZQRT231
MonTel Server: Current path of service.exe: C:\Apps\MonTel\serversv.exe
MonTel Server: Attempting to retrieve UNC path for device C:.
MonTel Server: (An error here may just mean that it is a local drive)
MonTel Server: Connection Error: C: This network connection does not exist.
MonTel Server: Creating Service (Auto start).
MonTel Server: Path of service.exe: C:\Apps\MonTel\serversv.exe
MonTel Server: Login as: 'DM7\David'
MonTel Server: Granting login as Service right to: 'DM7\David' on 'DM7'.
MonTel Server: Netwiz MonTel Server installed.
MonTel Server: Adding service description to the registry.
MonTel Server: Service description added.

Of later versions and the rest of these instructions see: