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How to turn off "Open File - Security warning" messages on the local network

When running a MonTel application or a even the Setup wizard from a folder on the local network (but on on the local PC) you might see a warning message like this one for Ext32.exe.

Open File - Security Warning

Currently MonTel Executables (except the installation program) are not signed. So even if you have installed the Netwiz Root CA certificate they will be displayed as from an Unknown Publisher. And even with the Netwiz Root CA certificate, you would still get a similar message, as the Netwiz Root CA certificate is self signed.

Turning off this message

To turn of this message you must change the Security settings for the local IntraNet in InterNet Explorer!

This is potentially dangerous, especially if you don't complexly trust files or computers on your network. What ever you do, DON'T DO this for the the INTERNET or RESTRICTED SITES zones.

From the InterNEt explorer menu select tools->options and then the security tab.

Control Panel - InterNet Properties

In the Zone to view area, select "Local intranet" as shown above, and click on the Sites button.

Local intranet

On the sites setting page (called Local intranet) click on the advanced button.

Local intranet - advanced

Now enter the name of the server or computer where the files being run are actually stored. Press the Add button, and the Server name (in the example above a server called 'Netwiz2' is added to the Websites in the intranet Zone.

When applied and saved (and Internet explorer and explorer have been closed) then the next time you run these files you should not receive the "Open File - Security Warning" message