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Description of the components and operation of the MonTel system

Description of the components and operation of the MonTel system (1)This topic also includes comments about the design philosophy of the system.

Description of the components and operation of the MonTel system

The MonTel system consists of essentially two parts; The Central or Server based components and the Client components.

Overview of components:

  • A central MonTel Server Module (windows service) that users a driver to collect the data from the PABX (or telephone system) and distributes this to users data files. MonTel drivers exist for most brands of PABX.
  • Import, export and other support modules to allow the importing and exporting of data from accounting or other external systems, which are consider to be part of the server system.
  • A SQL server connection system and PHP Web server software for a web based reporting system.
  • A separately available Fax module for collecting Fax information from the Fax service of a windows 2003 server.
  • Separate MonTel Client programs for each users computer that provides the pop-up, and other functionality such as a list of all the calls made and other report functions. These application are initialised centrally to reduce administration costs.
  • Administration tools for various configuration activities including adding new users to MonTel, which work as part of the client for system administrators.

With the exception of the Web reporting modules (Web Rep) all of these applications share a common initialisation file (PABX.INI), and run from the same application directory or folder on the network. This folder is called the MonTel Application Directory.

The MonTel Server PC is attached to the company telephone system via the SMDR port of a PABX or telephone system, or via a frequently updated text file, by a TAPI interface or by other applicable technologies. Some PABX or telephone system providers require the SMDR output port to be purchased separately.

A driver specifically designed for each module or even variation of a PABX then interprets the data received into a common format. There are more than 50 drivers, and are written for no extra charge if required for a new installation.

The MonTel Server Software (SERVERSV) has been extensively tested, and runs continuously and reliably, converting and feeding telephone call records from the PABX to the file server, into two types of databases for maximum flexibility, security, privacy and confidentiality. One database is the main call record database used for administration reports, the other an individual user's database, one for each user. Each telephone call record that comes in is, therefore, stored twice, once in each type of database. This way each user gets to see (or have access) only to their own calls. A receptionist amy be given special access to the main call record database, therefore might have access to all calls.

The "MonTel" receptionist's rights can be configured in the PABX.INI file described herein. The security is enhanced using the network directory access rights to prevent users from seeing each other's phone data and the main data if they are not so entitled.

Having two separate data files allows the operation of the Server to be completely independent from the MonTel (windows) Client, thus increasing reliability and stability. The server cannot affect the operation of the client and vice versa. The call record database is stored in a MonTel proprietary format, and each record is secured against accidental or deliberate alteration.

Disbursement, client, matter and other contact data is stored for the client in a separate SQL database call the Master client database. The server never uses this database, and the databased is kept in sync with the firms practise management accounting (PMA) system by the export and import modules. The MonTel client also allows you to make notes about these calls (or contacts or clients) as well as charging time or disbursing costs against the Call Record and associating the charges with a client code.

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MonTel Databases - what is what.

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