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Version 2.12.x: Change Log

For important information see Version 2.12.x: release Notes.

WARNING: From version 2.12.5 The network check order now defaults to 4. This will affect Netware users who were relying on the previous default of 0. These sites will now need to specify NetworkCheckOrder=0 (or 3 or 7).

Changes, fixes and new features.

Applications are specified specifically unless a class of applications used. The classes are:
Services - ServerSv, MonexeSv, MonImpSv, SerSQLsv, FaxMonSv and LogSvc.
Admin Apps - EdIni, EdDef, EdSet, EdPma, Ext32, EdCost, Tcost, TzUtil and MtAdmin
Client - MonTel32, PopupVB (Notify32) and upddb32.

2.12.31 2012-0?-??

Topic creation date: 2010-08-23

Update XXXI



  • EdDef, Client: DontDisplayItemButtons in the "CallRecordDisplay" section of DEFAULTS.INI (eddef) has been moved to HideEditItemButtons in the "System" section of PMA.INI (edpma).
  • EdDef, Client: DontDisplayActivities in the "CallRecordDisplay" section of DEFAULTS.INI (eddef) has been moved to HideActivityCodeEntry in the "System" section of PMA.INI (edpma).
  • EdDef, Client: DontDisplayContacts in the "CallRecordDisplay" section of DEFAULTS.INI (eddef) has been moved to HideContactEntryOnCallRecord in the "System" section of PMA.INI (edpma).
  • EdDef, Client: DontDisplayGridBox in the "CallRecordDisplay" section of DEFAULTS.INI (eddef) has been moved to HideCallRecordInfo in the "System" section of PMA.INI (edpma).

2.12.30 2010-08-13

Topic creation date: 2010-08-11

Update XXX


  • MtAdmin: AutoCompletion added to database drop downs (consider this a beta test feature to be refined over forthcoming versions).
  • EdPma: Added the AutoCompleteOptions to the [System] section to enable and use AutoCompletion features.
  • MtAdmin: Added a Database System menu option to check the version of the SQL Server.
  • Mtadmin: Added a Database System menu option to defragment the index files of the SQL databases.
  • EdPma: Added some future settings (not currently used by required for testing of a future client) HideDisbursementCodeEntry, HideActivityCodeEntry, HideContactEntryOnCallRecord and HideContactEntryOnOthers.


  • SetupMT: Master client database update to allow unlimited size of the main file, and 1024MB for the log file. This update sets the database version to 2.18.68 (not related to MonTel version).
  • MtAdmin: Reports based on date were not using including the top record in the call record file.
  • MtAdmin: The a Database System menu options for separate shrink and truncation of log file dropped, and are now combined into single log shrink command (see below).
  • MtAdmin, SetupMT: MonTel Backups are now only allowed when the database is in simple recovery mode, to avoid obfuscation, hiding or breaking the backup chain.
  • MtAdmin, SetupMT: Log file shrinking is combined into one option. If recovery mode is not simple a message is displayed instead. Otherwise a checkpoint is run, a shrink down to 16MB (increased from 5MB), and a defragment of the index files. (In SQL Server 7, a BACKUP LOG WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY is performed as well.) These changes also allow SetupMT and MtAdmin to be compatible with MS SQL Server 2008.

2.12.29 2010-07-22

Topic creation date: 2010-07-21.

Update XXIX



  • Mtadmin: Database lists, links, addresses and Phone numbers in the data base display menu now displays before data is loaded (which increases uniformity and perception of responsiveness).
  • Mtadmin: (regression only 2.12.28) New phone link feature on Matters only caused an SQL error .
  • ServerSV: (regression only 2.12.28) File polled PABX types would some times cause an error when the server was exited.
  • SetupMT: The wizard was not backing up some more recent files added to MonTel (some .mif and .mef).

2.12.28 2010-07-11

Topic creation date: 2010-06-04.



  • ServerSV, EdIni: Added OpenFileAndSeekToEndFrequency, used in rare circumstances (WinXP SP2?) , when a network is not updating meta file information correctly.
  • SerMon, EdIni: Added UseSerMonCommandOnMessage UseSerMonCommandOnMessageOnAll and SerMonCommandOnMessage. Added an external shell command on the first occurrence of a message pop-up from SerMon.
  • MtAdmin: Added new a control to pop-up windows to edit linked contacts, matters or clients, for the appropriate entities.
  • MtAdmin: Added new a control to pop-up windows to edit linked addresses for the appropriate entities.
  • MtAdmin: Added new a control to pop-up windows to edit linked phone numbers for the appropriate entities.


  • ServerSV, EdIni: Added CheckFileLenAsWellAsDateTime and CheckFileLenFrequency. These settings separate the rather mixed options from Baudrate and Databits that were previous used to control file access (and had nothing to to with a serial port interface).
  • Mtadmin: Fixed background colour of reports display in Win7, and tweaked for faster display.
  • Mtadmin: Fixed a display problem with the call records display being out of sync when adding new call records (when cursor not near the top). The fix is at the expense of slightly slowing the display, and further work on this will be undertaken in future versions, though it is still much quicker than in version 2.12.26.
  • MtAmin: Changed the order of the buttons and menu to now show: Client, Matter, Contact, Disbursement, Employee, Department, Activity, Partner.
  • Mtadmin: Activated Note editing for the entries Client, Contact and Matter. (Client editing was previously visible - but should not have been - bugs fixed there).
  • Edini: Fixed Up-down (spin) controls not displaying the spin buttons correctly if the page wasn't scrollable (meaning big enough to have a scrollbar show).
  • MtAdmin: Show Disbursement windows, now does a refresh when first activated.
  • Client: Incremented that database version for force and upgrade of the local client database in case this had been missed or the version numbers were not in sync in a previous upgrade.

2.12.27 2010-04-09

Topic creation date: 2010-04-08.

Update XXVII



  • im_dmon4.mif skipping import of users if not LDAP.
  • MtAdmin: MDI Windows opening for the first time are now brought to the top of the z-order.
  • MtAdmin: Regression from 2.12.26. Reports were failing if the read the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Speed of call record display for showing added records vastly improved (report mode). However users now need BACKUP rights on the local temp folder, and on their call records files.
  • MtAdmin: Regression from 2.12.26. Changes to code and painting function of Report to improve speed.
  • MtAdmin: Regression from 2.12.26. Removed invalid items from the call record display content popup menu.

2.12.26 2010-02-10

Topic creation date: 2010-02-10

Update XXVI


  • MtAdmin: Added a 'report on' raw telephone call records (like the tool-bar) for My, All and Open a list of call records.
  • MtAdmin: Added sensitivity to changes in call record number to 'call views of My, All and Open a list of call records', using the same controls as for the client tool-bar: CallDisplayMoveBarToNewRecordIfAtTop and CallDisplayMoveGridDownForNewRecordIfNearTop in EdDef32.


  • MonexSv: (Regression error from 2.12.25) ODBC error "Error:07006 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Restricted data type attribute violation" on export.
  • EdIni,EdPma et al MonTel Controls: MtCombo, date picker et al are force to the left of the virtual screen if their coordinates would be off it to the left.
  • EdIni,EdPma et al MonTel Controls: Added drop shadow to drop-down controls in XP and onwards where the system supports it.
  • Server removed DEBUG message from file access, "FILE_THREAD: (file change notification)".
  • MonTel32: TotalCostUpdated in reports was incorrectly using the wrong numerical type in the report summary.

2.12.25 2009-10-09

Topic creation date: 2009-10-08

Update XXV

Extra update (2010-01-20):

  • See additional files in the download section for This fixes a late error in the released version (2.12.25 only) of MonexSv that would cause an ODBC error "Error:07006 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Restricted data type attribute violation".


  • EdPMA, EdIni et al: Added a new 'bit field' control. When a number that describes a bit field, an option is now provided for a drop-down (like a combo) that allows check boxes for individual bits to be selected.


  • Client: (Regression error from 2.12.23) Adding a note in a contact would cause an error 'error: 3070 The Microsoft Jet database engine does not recognize 'Memo' as a valid field name or expression', if notes were being used and a new Contact person was created.
  • MtAdmin: The 'MonTel login activity' had an off by one error, where the last call position and the top call position were is displayed (correctly) as zero based, where as the display in the client was 1 based. This has been resolved by having MtAdmin also display it as 1 based. (Record 0 is never allowed, so the first recorded record will be 2).

2.12.24 2009-10-05

Topic creation date: 2009-10-01

Update XXIV



  • SetupMt & Mtadmin: Updating the DB on SQL Server 2000 and prior would cause an SQL Syntax error. This error would not occur on MS SQL 2005.
  • MtAdmin: Improved speed of reading note fields.

2.12.23 2009-09-25

Topic creation date: 2009-09-22

Update XXIII

This update features a major structural change to the Master client database, and so on this update only the update may take as long as half as hour (or even longer) depending on the number of transactions in the client database (see also 2.12.24).


  • Added the import filter inpractice.mif.
  • Added the export filter inpractice.mef.
  • Client: Added last update call date, last updated call position and top call position (in the file for that user) to the login and logout of the database, and an update user details with each new call record updated.
  • MtAdmin: Added columns to user log display, for last update call date, last updated call position and top call position (in the file for that user).
  • EdPMA: Added ExportDSN and ExportFileDSN in anticipation of export filters that export directly to an SQL database.


  • Mtadmin: Fixed Recovering from a database error (like a failed connection) and opting to exit MtAdmin would close the main windows but not actually terminate the process.
  • Setupmt: Changed brown for MonTel application folder to look from CSIDL_DESKTOP rather than CSIDL_DRIVES so a network drive can be specified, to avoid the (not really an) error message that will then prompt for the network path for the Network Application Folder path.
  • Setupmt: Hourglass changes on several tabs.
  • Services: Changed closed button on the console staying disabled if an error causes an exit to dos. This is on the basis that DOS Console box will now likely only be used for testing.
  • Client: Major structural change to the Master Client database: All disbursement and call records move into one collected transaction table called "CollectTrans".
  • Client: Major structural change to the Master Client database: All Notes (memos) removed from individual tables and placed in a central notes repository, to avoid duplication, and to allow searches by employee.
  • Client: Added LastCallRecord update date, Last call record number and last updated call record number to login and logout.
  • MtAdmin: Cleaned up the clarity of several icons in the menu and in the 'show db' displays.
  • MtAdmin: Dropped all reference to 'What's this help", as it wasn't implemented in this application, and isn't supported in HTML Help 4.
  • MtAdmin: Added a combination 'Collected Transactions" Show all collected transaction list, that can be cut and copied into a spreadsheet or some other applications.

2.12.22 2009-07-16

Topic creation date: 2009-06-29

Update XXII


  • Added the following import filters Pcount.mif, Lawware.mif, Pclaw.mif, and Leap.mif as well as a reference generic Montel.mif which could be used to import all fields into montel from another application.
  • Added the following export filters Pcount.mef, Lawware.mef, Pclaw.mef, and Leap.mef as well as a reference generic Montel.mef which could be used to design in import report or format for a third party application to pick up transactions from MonTel.
  • MtAdmin: Added a view of raw telephone call records (like the toolbar) for My, All and Open a list of call records.


  • EdIni, ServerSv: Dropped UserHomeDirTruncatedTo from the [Directory] section of PABX.INI, and its use in ServerSv. It was not being used in the client.
  • MonExSv: Added a message in the main windows showing the number of export lines (mostly to show that the export is complete, and as a marker being consecutive exports).
  • MtAdmin: Fixed some some dialogs that were not being activated to the top of the z-order.
  • Mtadmin: Added dialogs control (so that tabbing moves between controls on a window).
  • SetupMT: Fixed some minor mouse cursor issues.

2.12.21 2009-05-25

Topic creation date: 2009-05-23

Update XXI


  • .


  • MtAdmin: Show Disbursements was incorrectly showing posted (or not) disbursement result when responding to the check box, and also displaying a spurious empty record.
  • Client: Pop-up and other dialogs now show the correct Vista/Win7 style for the drop-down 'red' button.
  • MtAdmin: Icons on menus are now shown more clearly (some backgrounds were washed away).
  • Notify32: Help files where in accessible when the pop-up was located on the local machine.

2.12.20 2009-05-21

Topic creation date: 2009-04-18

Update XX


  • EdPma: Added new setting ExportAsSummaryOnly in the [Export] section. When set to 1 a summary based on client by disbursement will be exported rather than a line by line disbursement list.
  • EdPma: Added new setting DomainServer which is used to support importing users from Active Directory (see How the LDAP import works for importing users).
  • EdPma: Added new setting CNMonTelAdminGroup for LDAP import of users from Active Directory.
  • EdPma: Added new setting CNMonTelUsersGroup for LDAP import of users from Active Directory.
  • EdIni: Added UseConfigFileTimeZoneInfo. The internal timezone code has been altered to use the Win32 timezone information, rather than that read from the file. (This presupposes, of course that all computers systems on the network are set correctly to the same timezone settings).
  • EdIni, EdPma, EdDef, EdSet: Added Mouse wheel support.
  • EdIni, EdPma, EdDef, EdSet: Added Menu option, "Tabbing auto selects first control". Mouse wheel support is only enable once a control is selected. By selecting this menu option you can mouse wheel from a tab select, rather than clicking on a control. This option is saved in the local EdIni32.ini file on the users computer.
  • EdIni, EdPma, EdDef, EdSet: Added a sub menu under view, 'Select section'. which displays all the tab section for easier navigation.
  • MtAdmin: Added a test menu option for importing users from Active Directory. For this version the export to the INI file has been disabled. The idea is that it can be used to evaluate a move to such a mechanism, and shows the sort of data that will be recovered. (Users will need an extension number in the Phone Number in AD).
  • MonimpSv: Added LDAP Active Directory import to various 'mif's (MonTel import filters). Documentation details will follow in due course.


  • EdIni: Changed the order of button and menu so that Monex control manager comes after the Monimp control manager.
  • EdPma: Added XP look and feel.
  • EdSet: Added XP look and feel.
  • Tcost: Added XP look and feel.
  • Tzutil: Added XP look and feel.
  • MtAdmin: Horizontal screen splitter now tests for changes of size and move the divider bar to the central position if the divider-bar would have been out of range.
  • EdIni: Departments associated with users and not the default where being truncated.
  • Monimpsv: Destructive import of users now includes parsing of departments. When a user is associated with a department the department is also added to the [departments] section of the PABX.INI file.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName1 has been replaced by AutoImportEmployeeFilePathName.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName2 has been replaced by AutoImportPrimaryLinkFilePathName.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName3 has been replaced by
  • AutoImportActivityFilePathName.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName4 has been replaced by AutoImportDisbursmentFilePathName.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName5 has been replaced by AutoImportSecondaryLinkFilePathName.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoImportFilePathName as been replaced by one of the 5 items above, depending on the value of AutoTypeOfImportRecord.
  • EdIni, Monimpsv: In the [AutoImport] section AutoTypeOfImportRecord has been removed.
  • EdIni, EdPma, EdDef, EdSet: Added hot tracking to the tabs.
  • EdIni, EdPma, EdDef, EdSet: Moved 'Auto Scroll focused control' from View to Options menu. This option is now saved in the local EdIni32.ini file on the users computer.
  • MtAdmin: Added search order indications to the header of the listview for the 'Display User Details' and 'Collected disbursement records'.
  • MtAdmin: Changed search order indications in various listview headers to allow the default style for XP and for Vista rather than the fixed graphics required and present for Windows 2000.
  • MtAdmin: Changed the 'light up' indicators, that showed various status items in the service managers and in 'Collected disbursement records' to have a style that fitted better with XP styles and also Windows 7.
  • MtAdmin: Fixed a bug that caused MtAdmin to stop working when accessing 'Display User Details' and 'Collected disbursement records' on Windows Vista, 2008 server and Windows 7.
  • MtAdmin: Changed text of 'Pipe Listener' and 'Pipe status' to the more general, 'Message Listener' and 'Transmission' in the Service managers windows.
  • Mtadmin: Changed some painting code in the service managers to display better on slower machines.
  • Mtadmin: When an SQL error messages is returned with Abort, mtadmin now offers an option to continue or exit the application (rather than the previous behaviour which was an OK prompt for an exit).
  • EdIni: (and other apps) Removed grey border around green tick and red cross boxes.
  • Admin Appss: Change font type of all apps except client to a more modern shell font ("MS Shell Dlg 2" with DS_SHELLFONT applied).
  • Setup32: A Q&D fix applicable only to Vista and Win7 to prevent registration errors in the windows system folder from aborting the set up. (A clean fix is not required here as Setup32 is shortly to be retired).
  • Services: Changes install messages to more sensibly reflect the situation.
  • Services: Possible Regression issue from 2.12.19 Timezone information was reversing start and end dates. Start message now shows Northern or Southern Hemisphere from the time zone information. This would cause services to restart every few minutes for up to an hour if DST was present.
  • MtAdmin: Cleaned up a number of dialogs to display better on Win7.
  • Monimpsv: Change the filter import replacement processing to replace ' (single quote) with '' (two single quotes) rather than ` (opening single quote).
  • Changed minimum software version of all admin apps to Windows 2000. The client (should) still run in Win9x.

2.12.19 2009-03-19

Topic creation date: 2009-03-18

Update XVIX


  • (Client database upgraded).


  • Montel32, Popupvb, Mtadmin: Changed the length of the disbursement record narration to 255 character (from 60), Partner code to 255 (from 10), name title to 42 (from 10) and employee station to 24 (from 10).
  • Notify32, Popup: Timezone information was being incorrectly interpreted.

2.12.18 2009-03-18

Topic creation date: 2009-01-27

Update XVIII


  • MtAdmin: Added a pop-up interface to the database lists to edit the content of the various tables. Activated by double clicking. Incorporating some of the new interface style. Database items can be inserted, and when not linked or referenced deleted.
  • ServerSv: Two additional drivers have been added for testing TAPI scenarios. TAPITEST.DRL and TAPI_GEN.DRL. TapiTest provides a high level of debugging output to show many of the TAPI call backs from the PABX. TAPI_GEN reads all lines (including system and unrelated TAPI lines) from all TSPs in the system and attempts to construct call records. This driver might be used where the is not a specific MonTel driver for the PBX.


  • Montel32, Popupvb, Mtadmin: The master client database has be changed: Dropped the following fields [Type] and [Update] from the tables "Activity", "Disbursement", and "Matter", and, Dropped the tables Office, Area and Industry and their references from other tables activity, client, contact, department, disbursement and matter.
  • Montel32: Removed menu option of UpdateDefaultRecords.
  • Montel32, Eddef: Dropped all reference to quick-tips.
  • Notfiy32: Fixed issues related to multitasking that would cause the splash screen to hang and display a white box instead in rare circumstances.
  • All Apps: The code base has changed such that specific applications will only be targeted at minimum and above Windows operating systems. Currently, the minimum target for all apps ins Win2K. However, some apps will still run on Windows 98.

2.12.17 2009-01-27

Topic creation date: 2009-01-27

Update XVII


  • ServerSv: Added drivers for 3COM NBX (a TAPI driver).
  • ServerSv: Two additional drivers have been added for testing TAPI scenarios. TAPITEST.DRL and TAPI_GEN.DRL. TapiTest provides a high level of debugging output to show many of the TAPI call backs from the PABX. TAPI_GEN reads all lines (including system and unrelated TAPI lines) from all TSPs in the system and attempts to construct call records. This driver might be used where the is not a specific MonTel driver for the PBX.


  • Setup32: (The client setup.) Change monitor defaults to place internal call records in a separate file.

2.12.16 2009-01-06

Topic creation date: 2009-01-06

Update XVI


  • Dmon4.mef: Added a Monitor Business Machines export filter that compliments and uses the features of the equivalent Dmon4.mif.


  • Dmon4.mif: When importing a combination or mixed client.matter record (or Matter.client record), if the secondary name does not contain a separator character, then the first item has the description field populated, while the second, uses the code as the description.
  • Setup32: (The client setup.) Added the EdPMA32 shortcut Icon to the start up menu for MonTel administrator.
  • Setup32: CHange the names of some of the shortcut Icons (removed 32bit reference a hang over from when there was a 16bit MonTel client) and changing monTel for Windows to the MonTel for Windows Toolbar (a more common name).

2.12.15 2008-12-30

Topic creation date: 2008-12-30

Update XV



  • SetupMT: Regression error from 2.12.10, new sites that did not have domains would have a number of errors while creating a New MonTel Master client database (for the first time), as the groups were still being populated by default in the ClientDB section by SetupMT even if absent from the configuration file. This is likely only to effect new demonstration or test sites, since production sites would be expected to have a network domain with security groups.

2.12.14 2008-12-18

Topic creation date: 2008-12-15

Update XIV

With this release all current sites have upgraded to version 2.12, information regarding version 2.11 is slowly being removed from the website.


  • Server & Client: The currency display sybol (which was the $ sign) has been internationalised to display as specified in the region settings of the OS. (This was mostly to incorporate the South African Rand).
  • Server & Client: Added the simplified costing system for South Africa.


  • DMON.mif: Monitor import filter driver was not importing client codes if the PMA.INI file entry MatterClientRelationship was 2 or 4 or 6. (MUST_HAVE_CLIENT | CLIENT_FIND_MATTER).

2.12.13 2008-12-10

Topic creation date: 2008-12-09

Update XIII


  • Client: Added an option for having the check box defaulting to being checked rather than unchecked, so that it displays as ticked when it pop up. It works as normal otherwise (changing to unchecked if the code is an admin code or a blank record).
  • Client: Added an option to keep the 'Other Disbursements box open' after update.

Late update

  • Eddef: Added DefaultChargeCheckBoxTicked and KeepOtherDisbursmentsFormOpen to the defaults section for the above two features. (DefaultChargeCheckBoxTicked was in the preliminary 2.12.13 release incorrectly called DefaultCheckBoxTicked).


  • Client: Updaing Call, Fax, or Other Disbursement with the following settings {AutoCompleteNewClientsAndContacts=FALSE, PreventUsersFromModifing[Matters][clients][Contact] = False or ShowOtherFormsOnUpdate = True } with a code not in the database would cause the modal client matter or contact window that should have disappeared to re-appear and lock behind the update form.
  • Client: Added DontDisplayItemButtons = False to the preconditions for displaying ShowOtherFormsOnUpdate.

2.12.12 2008-12-01

Topic creation date: 2008-11-29

Update XII


  • SetupMT: Added the ability to also create in the autoexport folder two batch files for MonitorBM one for Supervisor 4 and the other for Supervisor 5, which call the batch file that can resume the MonTel Autoexport service MonExeSv.


  • Services: The DST time zone information was not being read correctly, with the effect that the PABX.INI file was not being reloaded as it was always an hour behind during DST. As call record time stamps are stored in GMT time the call records should be unaffected.
  • MtAdmin: Overzealous checking of the PABX.INI file reduced (uncovered as a result of the the above issue).
  • ImportSV: Dmon4 extra import fields for 'others' and 'Directory' where not handled correctly. This is regression error from 2.12.10.
  • Ext32: Was incorrectly require MonTel Administrator permissions to run as a normal user.
  • Services: Dependency information was changed to 'Workstation', as 'Netlogin' required the presents of a Windows server.
  • SetupMt: regression error from 2.12.11 - the AutoNextEnabled was set to always on for new installs. It is now read correctly as an options from a setup_*.ini file.
  • MtAdmin: Various excess window painting redundancies removed.
  • MtAdmin: Changed the splitter bar to a non button in Service manager windows, and also reduced cursor flickering.

2.12.11 2008-11-26

Topic creation date: 2008-11-26

Update XI


  • SetupMT: Added the ability to create the autoexport folder for monitor ATI, as well as a batch file to run monex. In the setup_*.ini file in the same folder as the installation program, add MonitorATIBatFileName = "montel_ati.bat" (or other batch file name) to the [SiteConfig] section.


  • Services: Changed the QUERY command to modified the errorlevel with the query status result, so that a batch file could determine if a service was running stop or in some other state. See query in How to use MonTel service console commands.
  • SetupMt: regression error from 2.12.10 - was not correctly setting the InputChannelNameList in the [MonTelServer] section if reading from a PABX_*ini file in the same folder as the installation program.
  • Services: Dependency information was re-added for the services, requiring 'NetLogin', which in turns depends on 'Workstation'. This is to make sure that the services do not start before there is network connectivity. This will only affect new installations or if a service is re-installed.
  • EdIni, SetupMt: Changed license section drop-down list to a combo control to allow for unlisted country to be entered.

2.12.10 2008-11-25

Topic creation date: 2008-11-01

Update X (2008-11-03 dbg1) (2008-11-05 dbg2) (2008-11-10 dbg3 called dbg)


  • Dmon4.mif: Added value 128 (bit 8) ImportReportFormat setting in PMA.INI. With this setting Disbursements are only imported if they are marked as "Send to Terminals" (downloaded) to reduce clutter in the MonTel drop down. Codes that should be marked are at least, Telephone, Courier and Mail.
  • Client: Added DontDisplayItemButtons, DontDisplayActivities, DontDisplayContacts and DontDisplayGridBox which allows the info box (the pop-up) to be configured with less clutter by removed non-essential items.
  • SetupMT: Added the ability to read the computer name and domain to fill in more default fields for new installation.
  • SetupMT: Is now able to read a setupmt*.ini file where the first file that matches the wild card file setupmt*.ini will be used as the defaults for almost all settings, including most of those in PABX.INI, DEFAULTS.INI and PMA.INI. The license section should be in a different file called license.ini.


  • SetupMT: Added a new wizard page to install the MonTel services on the machine running the Install Wizard on a new installation. This page will only appear if there is a file that matches setup*.ini in the same location as the wizard exe (which will be called montel_2_12_10.exe for this version), that contains a section called [SiteConfig] with a line item InstallServicesOnThisMachine = 1. To install the web service feed connector InstallWebRepServiceOnThisMachine = 1.
  • EdIni32: Added NetworkDomain to the license section.


  • EdPma, Monex: Added ExportIncudeNonChargeable to the [Export] section of PMA.INI. If set to 1 then non chargeable calls are also exported. This is so a PMA system or cost recovery system can perform additional processing or reporting on these records. The default is 0.
  • SetupMt: Added a new section called [MetaConfig] to the setupmt_*.ini files sent as configurations file. If AutoNextEnabled = 1 the wizard will step though automatically the tabs with sufficient preconfigured information.
  • SetupMT: Added feature to support installing services to the "Local System account". To do this set the setupmt_*.ini file to have [SiteConfig] NetBiosServicesUserName = "" (blank) and [Program] DefaultServiceLoginName = "Local System account". Make sure that the "COMPUTER" being used to run the services has permission in active directory to access the MonTel application folder.
  • SetupMT: Added new feature to read a PABX_*.ini file that contains a completed [InputSettings] section that replaces any preconfigured information.


  • MonImpSv: Regression error from 2.12.8. Employees where not being updated, so all were being marked as terminated by the input.
  • MtAdmin: Display of employees, the column headers for the names where is the wrong order.
  • Dmon.mif, Dmon4.mif, Dviz.mif: Some data fields were not always being cleared between each import record.
  • Monimpsv: Added safety to destructive import. If no employees are imported then the INI file is not updated.
  • MonimpSv: The destructive import of users to the PABX.INI file started the new users at the last user slot rather than the next.
  • Dmon4.mif: Employees that are 'locked' are not longer imported as terminated, but instead are not imported at all, so, if they previously existed they will now be marked for deletion. Note that this feature is only active if ImportReportFormat has bit 4 (value 8) set. This has been done partly to remove a redundant import, but mostly to allow the removal of users from the PABX.INI file in the event that the ImportDestructiveUpdateOfUsersInIniFile feature is used.


  • SetupMT: Changed the order in which default settings were applied. Some defaults have been changed to allow most options to be applied out of the setupmt*.ini mentioned above. For new installations, the folder paths and the time zone information is still generated automatically. Some other information is dependant in part also on the presence of a license.ini file.
  • SetupMT: Now recovers the domain information an applies that to various account settings.
  • Dmon4.mif: Fixed the import of Text field 1 ImportReportFormat with bit 5 set, as well as bit 6 and 7 for Text field 2 and 3.


  • EdIni: Removed redundant size gripper on users list.
  • EdIni: Re-enabled regular heart beat to check for CheckINIfileForAMoreReccentSave. Note that this is till set to 0 by default, and may be problematic if the clocks on the server and local machine are set differently.
  • EdIni: CheckINIfileForAMoreReccentSave also happens on an activate, not issue a normal time out.
  • MtAdmin: Fixed some flicker dues to buttons being unnecessarily repainted in service control managers. (It strangely caused the menu to flicker on remote screens).


  • Client: When the infobox (Popup) or other disbursements had DontDisplayItemButtons = 1 would show secondary label when a secondary wasn't present.
  • EdIni, SetupMt: Changed license section dropdown list to a combo control to allow for unlisted country to be entered.
  • SetupMt: Fixed some display strings that were wrong or missing from the tabs Security details and installing services.
  • SetupMt: Several changes to the order in which events were fired affecting paint (for adding AutoNextEnabled = 1).
  • Services: Changes to support the installation of services using the local system account.
  • Client: Changed default shows quick tips to off (for new client installs only).

2.12.9 2008-09-29

Topic creation date: 2008-08-25

Update IX 2008-09-29



  • MtAdmin: The new "Save All as " and "Save Selected As" menu common dialog control did not work correctly with WinXP (though it worked well with Win2K).
  • Client: The Client form was not receiving the client code/name from the Infobox when the 'Client' button was pushed.
  • Client: The address drop down on the contacts and client forms allows typing and creation of addresses on the same form with out needing to go to the address creation form.
  • Client: Fixed problems with the controls disappearing on the Partners form.
  • Client: Note maker's display of the client and matter buttons now falls in line with the Info Box and are hidden rather than disabled if not relevant.
  • Remove Beta Designation to make this the current release.
  • Client: Fixed extra "added: " in notes for Fax and Telephone pop-up.
  • Client: Removed the " details" from various user interface buttons.
  • Pabx32.dll: Call types were being truncated at 8 (rather than 32) characters for display in client call records.
  • Client32: Separated Client code and name correctly when passing new information from an InfoBox to a Client or Matter form.
  • Client32: Separated Matter code and description correctly when passing new information from an InfoBox to a Client or Matter form.
  • Client32: The Spin control was not (quite) set to the correct size on the Fax pop-up.
  • Client32: Hide the delete button on the pop-up until there is a record to delete.

2.12.8 2008-09-24

Topic creation date: 2008-08-20

Update VIII 2008-09-24 Beta


  • MtAdmin: The new "Save All as " and "Save Selected As" menu common dialog control did not work correctly with WinXP (though it worked well with Win2K). Please download the extra file and unzip mtadmin.exe into the MonTel Application folder (to replace the newly installed MtAdmin.exe).


  • MtAdmin: Added toolbar buttons for the MonTel Service Displays, ServerSV, ImportSV, ExportSV. SerSqlSV and FaxMonSV.
  • MtAdmin: Added toolbar buttons for the Export and import logs.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Activities" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Clients" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Contacts" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Departments" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Disbursements" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Employees" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Matters" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added a ListView report to display a list of "Partners" from the Master Client database.
  • MtAdmin: Added an Edit menu with Copy and copy with header to the reports above and for the export and import logs. Select all or none, or individual entires to copy.
  • MtAdmin: Added a menu item options, which includes one item: Remember Window Positions. Previously MtAdmin remembered the window positions. With the advent of so many new windows the default MDI cascading format has be reintroduced, though with this option you can load/create windows in their previous session positions. This setting is saved from session to session.
  • MtAdmin: Added icons to the menu.
  • MtAdmin: Added a menu item called View, when reports that use a ListView with the ability to display the report as an Icon are active. THe options are Large Icons, Small Icons, List and detail in the same fashion as windows explorer.
  • MtAdmin: The view menu can also allow you to display terminated items and the "(none)" basic items used as a default.
  • MtAdmin: Added to the File menu with "Save All as " and "Save Selected As", which do the expected with ListView report. The reports can be save as Tab delineated Text, a CSV file or as an SLK file which is a formatted MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • MtAdmin: Added an Edit menu with, "Select All" and "Selected None" which do the expected with ListView report, as well as "Copy" which copies a selected row or item, and "Copy with headers" which also copies the table header fields. The clipboard stores both a "unformatted text as tab delineated text", and the SYLK format, which a format that is can be pasted to MS Excel. (Late changes to the SLK export format to improve compatibility with more recent versions of Excel.)


  • Client: Input Controls, that have two drop down buttons, usually with the left one been the suggested client or matter code which appeared red in the classic interface, now appear red in the XP visual styles interface as well.
  • MtAdmin: The items in 2.12.7 database menu have been moved to a sub menu "Database System Maintenance" on the "Database" menu, to allow us more room on the "Database" first level menu item.
  • MtAdmin: Added buttons on the tool bar for displaying the services.
  • MtAdmin: Changed the 'View' menu to 'Display' for displaying services and database logs.
  • Client: Edit the name (in the separate form) from either Contacts or Employees would result in the form being disabled.
  • Client: For editing relationships, for example Client - Phone relationships from the client form, the OK button has been changed to 'Close' to more accurately reflect the function.
  • Client: The display address field in Contacts and Clients which is read only, has had it background colour changed from white to grey (or the appropriate system colours if not the default) to indicate the read only status.
  • Client & Admin: The message box was not correctly identifying the default button (so the using the "Enter" on the keyboard was not working correctly).
  • MtAdmin: Changed the layout of the Import and export logs to a ListView that can display all the items in report mode or as Icons , with the ability to scroll through all the entries and order by pressing the header buttons.

2.12.7 2008-08-18

Topic creation date: 2008-07-24

Update VII 2008-08-18 Beta



  • Edini32: The user and extension icons in the users tab have been missing since some time in 2.11.
  • Admin Apps: Some code change to separate modules to allow INI file handling in services (mostly for Monimpsv).
  • SetupMT: The configuration file was not correctly specifically all files that needed to be deleted. Most of this was corrected but not documented in 2.12.6.
  • EdIni: Scrolling using the keypad was not displaying/changing user details in the status bar for the users list.
  • EdIni32: Sorting by user slot fixed (regression error probably from late 2.11 versions).
  • EdIni32: Options menu missing (regression error probably from late 2.11 versions).
  • Edini32, Ext32: Dropped support for Save16bitExt2UserInformation (which is not quite as old as the name suggests).
  • Admin: Removed some old code to do with the old [program] section which used to be read separately rather than as a general section..
  • EdIni32, Ext32, EdUser32: Removed redundant reading of AllowOnlyAdminToUseMonTel information when loading INI file.
  • MonimpSv: Monimp will no longer restart or exit if an import is in progress. (This will prevent partial imports, as well as allow th new feature of some imports being able to write user data to the PABX.INI file).
  • Sermon: The MessageBox announcement if call records have not been received the allotted time, will now repeat, popping up at intervals of the allotted time, until a call record is received by the server.
  • Sermon: Icons changed to remove the black border.
  • Monimpsv: Since the dviz.mif, dmon.mif and dmon4.mif have better and faster features, the older viztopia.mif and monitor.mif have been dropped from the distribution. (As far as is known no extant sites are using either of these filters).
  • Monimpsv: The feature of adding notes to each imported client or matter has been removed, as no extant sites are using it (and all it really does is fill up the database).

2.12.6 2008-07-22

Topic creation date: 2008-07-20

Update VI 2008-07-22 Beta


  • MonTel32: When editing changing employee codes in the database menu item edit employees (or edit persons) there would be a loss of database connectivity error.
  • Client: DontNeedToRegisterPinNumber was implemented backwards from the intended, and was only working in MonTel32 (the toolbar). It is now working correctly and has been added to Notify32.
  • Client: Some changes to correctly implement modal forms. Some forms were being inappropriately disabled (or enable on some occasions) if they had grandchildren who were also modal. This could have also caused an error on start up as some (rarely used) login forms were not correctly implemented.
  • Client: Removed unnecessary cuteness from the login register form.
  • Client: Removed code for Modem phone dialler.
  • Client: When DontAllowUserToExitPopupThreshold is greater than 0, then the Minimise, Maximise and Close buttons and the control menu are not displayed on the InfoBox. (The Faxmon pop up box is not changed).
  • Client: Removed a potential referential integrity error if there where more than one user logins who had the same employee code. The referential integrity is still there, but the error message has been cleaned up, and the user is now prompted as to why they are getting a who are you message box.
  • SetupMT: The copy files function unzipping has been moved from a separate DLL into the body of the application, and a couple of error messages added to attempt understand an unzipping issue on one site.

2.12.5 2008-07-14

Topic creation date: 2008-07-15

Update V 2008-07-17 Beta

WARNING: The network check order now defaults to 4. This will affect Netware users who were relying on the previous default of 0. These sites will now need to specify NetworkCheckOrder=0 (or 3 or 7).


  • EdIni32, Server: A new item SaveDataInUsersFolders has been added. This defaults to be 1, so will not affect existing installations. In the event that a site is configured so that user data is not saved into user folders then this setting could be set to Zero. However, all extant sites will be updated with this new value set to 1, and new sites will have this set to 1 by SetupMT.


  • EdPma32: Context sensitive help was not implemented correctly (actually the help file was missing some information).
  • MonimpSv: Was not importing [ClientMatters] entires in as it was not correctly locating CLIENT.INI.
  • MonTel32: Changed Matters button Icon to look more like a group of people discussing matters at a table rather than a table that looked like a grand piano.
  • EdPma32: ImportClientDBIniTypeOfImportRecord has been changed to a drop down list box to select 2 or 5 (though a number can be directly edited).
  • EdPma32: ImportMarkAlsoSecondaryAsTerminated and ImportDeleteAllRelationshipsToSecondary are now correctly displayed a check boxes.
  • Client: If DontUseMonTelNotes was set, but the PMA.INI setting MatterClientRelationship was less than 3 the check box for the applicable note (Client or Matter) would still be displayed, even though the notes could not be edified.
  • Client: NetworkCheckOrder now defaults to 4 rather than 0. Since Windows servers (or SMB) server are so wide spread, and this settings is more likely to be left at the default on new sites, the default have been changed to cause the least harm to the greatest number. SetupMT will check that it is present in either DEFAULTS.INI or PABX.INI and if not will add in the default as well to emphasis the change.
  • Server: The NetworkOperatingSystem no longer determines if call records are to be saved separately in user's folders. Effectively this means that NetworkOperatingSystem is no longer used. However, since it may be reimplemented in the future in the event that a network specific feature is added, it will and should continue to be supported. For updating sites, SetupMT will check that it is present in either DEFAULTS.INI or PABX.INI and if not will add in the "Windows 2003" as well to emphasis the change.

2.12.4 2008-07-14

Topic creation date: 2008-07-01

Update IV 2008-07-14 Beta


  • Client, Edini32: DontNeedToRegisterPinNumber has been added so that the login to the client database pop-up won't occur if set presumably because the pin number is not used for exporting. (This is a change as code to read the export section has been removed in 2.12 which in 2.11 was inadvertently masking the requirement to ask for a pin number in some situations).
  • SetupMT: A new wizard window is included to update the location information, partly to separate this for the client from the costing system, and partly so just this information can be moved to the local computer if specified. The NANP update will take a few minutes, the ANNP and SIMP will be almost instant. As part of these changes the ANNP costing system now uses an ANNP.INI instead of the CallType.Ini file. As the Calltype file is very unlikely to have been modified on a site by site basis, a new file will be substituted.


  • MonTel32: Fixed child dialogue being centred on a parent being partially off the screen if the parent is near the edge.
  • MonTel32, Notify32: Some modal dialogues are not enabling the parent in the correct order causing a random window to gain focus when the modal dialogue exited.
  • Client: Fixed - an error 5: 'Invalid procedure call or argument' might be generated when returning from a client, contact or matter on an info box if the data had changed. This was caused by the timing of hiding a modal form and was apparent only under some conditions.
  • Client: Using the buttons to access a client, contact or matter on an info box would cause the info box to loose its topmost status it it had been set by the administrator.
  • Client: In support of the above three fixes some dialogue boxes have been made modal, and there have been some code changes in the order of the list drop down execution, as well as code to make child dialogue TOP_MOST if a parent is TOP_MOST.
  • Client: Form that are modal now have the minimise and maximize buttons removed to enhance usability.
  • Notify32: Copy to Local machine (regression error) was failing to copy all of the costing system files (specifically those related to location - see new features above).

2.12.3 2008-07-01

Topic creation date: 2008-06-24

Update III 2008-07-01 Beta


  • Client and Server:Added SIMP.DLL, and SIMP.INI for simple costing plan to allow a very vanilla costing system to be used. SIMP-NZ.CSV contains simplified New Zealand data. There were other changes made in the code to support this, and the basic cost type has been moved out into the INI file. This means there is now a ANNP.INI file (as well as an NANP.INI and SIMP.INI).


  • SetupMT: Added to the test for a valid license and option to load a license section from a PABX.INI, LICENSE.INI or LICENCE.INI file if found in the distribution folder (or the same folder that the install program is run from).
  • Client and Server: Changes made to support the easier addition of new costing systems. The basic cost type has been moved out into the INI file. This means there is now a ANNP.INI file (as well as an NANP.INI and SIMP.INI).
  • MonTel32: Showing quick tips would cause an "Error ' 438: Object doesn't support this property or method' was generated by module MonTel32 in StartUp." message. This is a regression error from 12.2.0 or later.
  • MtAdmin, SetupMT: Changed the set up of SQL database to allow creation of an NT Authenticated database without groups (for a single PC use when creating test scenarios). Extracted code to included in a new feature of changing authentication mode in a future MonTel release.
  • Client and Server: Added code to guard against missing costing system crash.

2.12.2 2008-05-15

Topic creation date: 2008-05-15

Update II 2008-05-15 Beta


  • Client: (Montel32, Notify32 and Upddb32.exe). Changed test of correct VB6 DLL so that the MonTel client will work with Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Added SSPCost_NANP.dll to the distribution of MonTel (as this file is not supplied directly by International Databases. In addition the NANP.DLL and the NANP.INI file have had the default DLL coster name change from SSPCost.dll to SSPCost_NANP.dll.

2.12.1 2008-05-07

Update 1 2008-05-07 Beta


  • ANNP.DLL: Is a new DLL that separate the previously internal australian costing system into a DLL, so that that MonTel can use a variety of costing systems in the future. The old CALLTYPE.INI file which was only used EdCost, is now used by ANNP.DLL and the costing system to allow site specific modifications to the name of call types (though this should be done very carefully). This file is now called ANNP.INI.
  • NANP.DLL: Is a new DLL that expands MonTel to be able to cost calls in North America. There is an associated file called NANP.INI, that as well as allowing sites to modify the default call types, also holds configuration information for the Coster (the system at the core of the NANP).
  • NANPW.DLL: Is a new DLL that writes location information for the NANP.
  • EdIni32: Added TrunkRouteRateTables to the [Phone] section. This new feature allows users to have different rate tables for different trunk routes. For example a rate table for PSTN and another rate table for ISDN.
  • Edini32: Added CostingSystemName to allow the selection of various types of number plans (see ANNP.DLL and NANP.DLL above).
  • MtAdmin: Added Users logged history display, replacing and upgrading the report in the MonTel Toolbar. New feature include the ability to show only current users in the PABX.INI file.
  • Client & MtAdmin: Added KeepActivePersistent which will restart MonTel after 15 seconds if removed from the task bar.
  • MtAdmin: Added "Display Users Details", an enhanced version of the same menu option on the Montel toolbar As we as being faster it contains more choice of display, coloured highlights and information from the PABX.INI file.
  • MtAdmin: Added "Display Export log" and Display import log" which perform the same function as the same menu items on the Montel Toolbar, except somewhat faster.
  • MtAdmin: Added "Collected disbursement records" which perform similar functions as the same menu item on the Montel tool bar. The displayed items are tighter, with tool tips showing expanded information rather than extra columns. Modifying posted and chargeable can be done in bulk or individually with a check box rather than a prompt. This display is faster, and call records are more readily visible (coloured) from other disbursement records. There is a safely on off switch to prevent accidental changes. Some of this linking options are not present (as they are not present in MtAdmin yet), but may be added later.
  • EdIni: Added the following new keys to the License section: StateOrProvince, Country, SiteTelephoneNumber and AdminContactEmailAddress. See also SiteCostingSystemKey. These will be implemented in Version 2.12.2 (or later). In the mean time the current version 2.11 keys will work. For new installations of version 2.12.1 onwards the country will need to be specified, but this will not invalidate the 2.11.x license key.
  • SetupMT: Added help button.


  • EdIni32: Help for TrunkRouteKeys was previously incorrectly displaying trunk route names.
  • EdIni32 (and affected applications): Changed MonTelNumberFile in the [Phone] section, to SiteCostingSystemKey in the [Licence] section, and removed the requirement to have an extension (meaning must not have a file name extension).
  • EdIni32 (and affected applications): Changed MonTelRateTableFile to DefaultRateTable the [Phone] section, and force the requirement to NOT have an extension.
  • Edini32: Changed the order of entries in the [Phone] Section.
  • IP406.DRL: Was not correctly picking up the trunk information for some output due to case sensitivity.
  • Server: Allowing dots in a phone number. An '@' is allowed. If the @ has been found then dots are then allowed (to be able to make an I address). There is no DNS look up at them moment, so a IP address (in dotted octet format) not URL is expected, otherwise dots are stripped from the number.
  • TzUtil et al: Removed tab characters from message box that was not formatting them correctly.
  • Server: Some changes have been made to the logic of the trunk information. These should not affect existing installation, and are to support the new trunk route settings above. For more information see How MonTel uses and works with trunk route information from the PABX.
  • MtAdmin: Running "ODBC Data Source administrator" from the menu in Windows XP with Visual styles enabled would cause a number of errors, mostly a cascade of open windows. It would appear that the SQLManageDataSources API call doesn't handle the XP styles correctly, so "odbcad32.exe" is now called directly as an external application.
  • EdIni32: TZDaylightStartDateTime and TZDaylightEndDateTime now can support a new First, seconds... last, day in Month format, rather than calculating a specific week in a year. This changes most MonTel applications use of Time Zone settings.
  • EdIni32: ConfirmTimeZoneMatchesOS replaces CheckWIN32TimeZone describes what it does better.
  • Client & Server: Fix a bug in the way the MonTel was interpreting time zone dates. This caused MonTel to interpret the last Sunday of the mouth as the 4th Sunday of the Month in some circumstances, which caused MonTel in subsequent years to change DST a week early. For example the last Sun in Mar in 2008 is the 5th Sunday, rather than the 4th, which might causes problems if the settings were based on 2007.
  • EdIni32: Merged CapitalCity with TimeZoneName into the new TimeZoneDisplay.
  • App: Changed mouse pointer to arrow and hour glass for the splash screens.
  • ServerSV: (From 2.12.1 only) Was not counting the last channel in a multi input channel configuration.
  • ServerSV: (And drivers) Increased Maximum raw call record size from 512 to 2048 bytes. This will not affect most PABX drivers since the real raw record is typically less than 80 characters. This increase is merely to handle pathological cases.
  • ServerSV, Client, NEAX2400.DRL: Added NEAX2400. Added feature so that some drivers (for the moment only the NEAX2400) could have station number of 5 characters displayed correctly (currently the 5th character may be scrambled). However, internally, the station number is treated as 4 digits, with only the last 4 digits being significant.
  • Monimpsv: DMON importer first item was imported as second item, which may have caused an error or blank or spurious data to be imported.
  • SetupMT: Minor update to reading a list from the Database to remove some spurious data from 2.11.x fixed from 2.12.0
  • Client: Minor format for montel version string saved to DB when the user exists.
  • MtAdmin: Fixed menu to display EdPma.exe
  • MtAdmin: Moved the Services to the View menu.
  • MonTel32: The view menu option "Display Import Log" was being displayed incorrectly as "Export Log", though it was displaying the correct information.
  • Admin Apps: Where an program was displaying a 16 pixel icon, it was likely to actually be displaying a mangled 32 pixel icon.
  • Client Apps: The date format has changed from DD-MMM-YYYT HH:MM:SS (where MMM is a short name for month and the others are digits) to the pseudo ISO8106 YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  • SetupMT: Added a screen refresh at the start of each dialogue display, as some dialogues take a moment to display.
  • Admin: Changed the placement and recovery of window size.
  • Client: Mail and Courier were showing "Suggested Client" instead of "Suggested Matter" as the static prompt for the drop down list box.
  • Notify32: Added /DELAY:xx to the command line, where xx is the number of seconds you want to delay the start of Popupvb.exe being loaded.
  • Notify32: Regression from 2.12.0 - Fixed /NODELAY.
  • Client: Regression from 2.12.0 - A problem exiting some modal forms fixed.
  • SetupMT: Numerous changes to differentiate between North American and Australian costing systems.
  • SetupMT: For new installation more of the default settings are guessed from the current computer (It assumes that you are installing MonTel from the server machine.)
  • SetupMT: Other layout and design changes, mostly changes in text or order of display.
  • MtAdmin & setupmt: Removed slightly the over the top "Are you really sure.." messages from creating a Master Client Data base.
  • ReSet32: Fixed Icon not displaying in Message pop up.
  • Pabx32.dll, Notify32, MonTel32: Some minor changes in reporting error messages for the new costing system DLLs.
  • SetupMT: Will now read an additional Setupmt.inf (contains all settings plus more), then Pabx.ini, defaults.ini and setup32.ini from the installation folder (meaning the same place you ran the wizard from. This is in addition to reading the license.ini file. This is so a distribution can be pre-set for the first installation with a standard set of defaults. However, only some section will be read, no Users, Departments, Groups or the Directory section. (The last one will not be added as it will impact on the installation, however the other may be added later if required or requested).
  • MonTel32: Start up order changed (to read PABX.INI ahead of the the Database) to match Notify32.
  • Notify32: The System tray Icon was not being deleted at the program termination under some conditions.

2.12.0 2008-01-15

Update 0 2008-01-15 Beta


  • XP look and feel for Client and Admin applications, with manifests for the Client Applications (to go back to the old style, simply delete or rename the .manifest files).
  • Added new application EdPma32, to managed the single PMA.INI file that replaces the multiple INF files. The INF files have been dropped from the deployment.
  • Server can now handle input from multiple PABX's.
  • MtAdmin: Added SQL database backup.
  • MtAdmin: Added SQL Database shrink.
  • MtAdmin: Menu item to call the ODBC data source administrator.
  • EdIni, EdPam, EdDef, EdSet: Added the ability to load a file from the command line.
  • SetupMT: Will configure the new PMA.INI file from included ".mxf" files included in the installation package (but no longer deployed as the INF files previously were).
  • EdIni32: Will now load driver names from the folder rather than memory (so if a new driver is added to the application folder it will show in the drivers drop down list). SetupMT retains the memory based list.


  • Costing tables updated to version 2. This supports the larger number of prefixes now used in the Australian Numbering Plan.
  • All Applications: All applications have a general increase in reliability Safer string handling to reduce the risk of buffer overruns, which should make the code even more robust that it already is (especially in the server).
  • EdIni32, SetupMT: Fixed A one byte buffer over run while reading headers found and fixed.
  • ServerSV, EdIni32: Replaced [SerialPortSettings] with [InputSettings]. InputChannelName is the name of the internal of default [InputSettings]. SerialPort is renamed to DeviceOrFileName.
  • ServerSV, EdIni32: Added InputChannelNamesList. Additional [InputSettings] sections can be included in separate files, with the same format, in other words and entire [InputSettings] section, with the name of the file included in InputChannelNamesList. The name of the file should match InputChannelName.
  • ServerSV, EdIni32: Serial port names in DeviceOrFileName in [InputSettings] (which replaces SerialPort in [SerialPortSettings]) must be specified in full. That is single digits such as 1 will no longer be read as COM1.
  • EdIni32: The order of user information has been changed when writhing to the PABX.INI file. (DEPT and group is now after CODE and PIN).
  • EdIni32: The check box "Use Default department (or Use Group Department) is now updated to checked if the default department is selected. This also means that if a default department in the departments section is selected, then no department information for the user will be written. By successively selecting a different default department it would be possible to erase all the department information from users. (So the default department should be chosen with care).
  • Server: SeverCN has been dropped from the distribution. User ServerSV CONSOLE now instead.
  • EdIni32: DefaultDepartmentCode is now saved in quotes. This would help to avoid truncation when a space is used in the code (However codes should be limited to 8 characters).
  • EdIni3, EdDef, EdSet: Toolbar buttons are now in the flat style.
  • EdIni32: In the groups section, the DefaultDepartmentCode drop down list box was empty.
  • EdIni32, Server: The PABXDriverName is now specified with out the extension.
  • EdCost32: Two potential memory violation on exiting the vertical divider bar fixed.
  • EdIni32: A potential memory violation on exiting the the users section (image list) fixed.
  • EdCost32: Fixed a problem with pathological divider positions in EdCost.ini.
  • EdCost32: Added splash screen as EdCost took more than a 5 seconds to load.
  • EdCost32: Changed the size and border of tree control to look better on Win XP.
  • Admin Apps: The application ini file (eg EdIni32.ini) is no longer saved in the windows folder, but rather to the the equivalent of "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalUserName\Application Data\Netwiz" where LocalUserName is the logged in user. This should prevent LUA problems. However this is non roaming since we usually store monitor related info which may not wok on all machines.
  • Admin Apps: XP Themes have been added, but these applications will still function on Win2K (and before).
  • EdIni,EdDef,EdSet and EdPma: Check boxes now have colour ticks.
  • SerMon: The Message Box library code in MonTel would cause a GPF if Sermon was exited while there was more than one Message Box on the screen.
  • Client and Admin Apps: Changed the Splash and About boxes to a more modern style. This also reduced referencing the the exe by loading the version attributes external and may also help to avoid some local user account issues.
  • Notify32, MonTel32: Small changes to support new DLL version and the Splash and About boxes.
  • Notify32: A Messagebox could cause the Mainform (a box of buttons) to become visible when it shouldn't. This was a general bug, but only manifested itself here it would seem. And also added a note to the PopUpVB Mainform , to explain why it only appears when you try and start a MonTel Client program while the Popup is loaded.
  • MtAdmin: Was failing to read the [ClientDB] settings correctly (GetClientDBIniSettings).
  • MtAdmin: Cleaned up the ending of a Service Control manager and Console display (and removed a handled GPF).
  • MtAdmin: Made the Service Control manager and Console display window visible earlier to make to improve visual feedback.
  • MtAdmin: Added error messages to better show connection issues with the SCM.
  • Admin apps: Added error checking for low memory conditions.
  • MonTel32: IDOfEmployee error 3420 Object invalid or no longer set when changing employees in the employee form from the database menu.
  • Notify32: Fixed users not showing as logged out from Notify (date is not updated).
  • EdIni: Removed PMASystem [Program], AutoExportSystem [AutoExport] and AutoImportSystem [AutoImport], and added PmaFileName [Program].
  • SetupMT: Concatenates the data from the extant INF files used for importing and export and setting and using up the Client DB into one file called PMA.INI.
  • SetupMt: Not longer tries to stop FaxMon if is not licensed to use FaxMonSv (since it won't be installed).
  • EdDef32, EdSet32: Removed the unused 'options' menu.
  • MonTel32, Notify32 and UpdDb32: The WidthOfGeneralCode now defaults to 20 rather than 0 (for a new installation which does not specified a PMA.INI file). WidthOfClientCode and WidthOfMatterCode code still default to WidthOfGeneralCode (as they did before, but may now be 20 rather than 0).
  • Client and Admin Apps: Changes to the centering algorithm for the MessageBox.
  • Client: Fixed Error 380 which was caused by notes being longer than 65535 characters in Note text boxes when attempting to display a client matter or contact form when DontUseMonTelNotes=0 in the [ClientDB] section of PABX.INI. (See item below)
  • Client: Notes larger than 65535 were being truncated, rather than showing the last 65535 characters. The will now show the last 65500 or so characters with a prefix noting that some of the note is hidden.
  • MonTel32: Error 3420 Object is invalid or not set might have occurred when creating a new item such as matter, client, employee and the rest.
  • EdDef32: DefaultExportDirectory and DefaultImportDirectory have been removed from the [defaults] section as they are no longer used.
  • Client: When suggesting a client or matter code to use the default suggested primary code was not necessarily the last one updated if the primary code was associated to that phone number in two different forms. For example 0894444444 is the same phone number as 0894444444 in a different form. This fix returns all associated primary codes, not just the first one found, so a primary code may be suggested twice in the drop down list. However, the one prompted will be the last updated.
  • Client, MtAdmin: Master Client Database updated to 2.12 (revision 61) to remove unused field from the Phone table, and to remove duplicates from TypeOfAddress and TypeOfPhoneNumber and to enforce this in future.
  • Client, MtAdmin, SetupMT: As part of Master Client Database updated to 2.12 (revision 61) the Phone numbers in the database have the '#' and '*' and trailing digits removed, as these are digits added by IVR systems and are either a security issue and/or users private information.
  • ServerSv: IgnoreHashAndNumbersAfter now default to 1. (Also corrected documentation to show the previously undocumented feature of IgnoreHashAndNumbersAfter truncating a phone number at a star or asterisk '*' character as well as a hash or pound character '#').
  • SetUpMT: Now backs up and shrinks the Master Client (and Web Reports if present) Database before performing an upgrade. It will not stop at each point if the user has selected the check box early in the wizards to proceed 'stopping only at critical points'.
  • Services: The maximum directory or path length was incorrectly limited to 94 rather than 260 characters.
  • EdIni32: Users's path will not display the spurious back slash if one was included add the end of the OutputUsersPath in the [directory] section when popping up an individual users information.
  • EdIni32, ServerSv, Client: UserAddsUserNameToPath (in the [Directory] section) has been removed and the code is set as though this is always set on (Parts of the system already did this). Likewise code that referred to previously removed UpdateUserDataInDirectory has been removed.
  • EdIni32: Edit user details pop-up has changed the way the Users Directory entry works. Instead of a check-box that shows if a separate (DIR) entry is used in the INI file, the user can now select from radio buttons to use the login name, a short file name or another edited name.
  • Client & Admin: Added full path to references of Help files.
  • EdIni32: A hidden issue with closing the Edit user details dialogue has been fixed. (This error was not apparent in previous versions).
  • Server: Fixed an issue with Polled file input may stop if the input file is deleted and then later replaced by a smaller file in the same boot cycle.
  • Server: Fixed a number of issues with File input. (File input is now based on a file change notification and is preferred over Polled file input).
  • EdCost: A memory access violation would occur when saving a ".mrc" rate code if an item had been deleted.
  • Client: Changed the time out of the 'No network' error message to 30 seconds. (Also fixed some display issues with MonFax no network exit).
  • Client: If Restart=1 in the [Program] section, MonTel won't display an internal message stopping, but will display the message from Restart instead.
  • ServerSV: Reactivated MonFax code.
  • MtAdmin: Pressing the 'Stop' service button, and then changing your mind at the 'are you sure prompt', would cause the stop button to become disabled.
  • MtAdmin: THe error message box on the top right of a 'service control and console display window', would fill up with the the last error message repeated, if there was another 'service control and console display window' open.
  • MonimpSv: Forced ChargeCode in the DB to be either 0 or 1 on an import change, to prevent other spurious values from causing an overflow error in the client.
  • Client: Many changes to allow visual styles to work correctly.
  • Client: Removed flicker and occasional jumping to external windows when exiting a modal form. For example changing an address on a client form.
  • Client: General database edit forms (but not matter, client or contact) no longer exit on update or delete. matter, client or contact no longer exit on delete, and will exit on update depending on the setting in EdDef [Background] section HideDataFormsAfterUpdate.
  • MonTel32: Generating a report with invalid parameters would cause the check boxes that control which filters to be used to be all disabled until the report window was closed.
  • Notify32: Fixed returning to the MonTel Toolbar if Notify (actually Popupvb.exe) was run locally.
  • Client: Fixed client sometimes failing to restart after an update to the Master ClientDB if Notify (actually Popupvb.exe) was run locally.
  • Client: Fixed a Problem where the client would sometimes fail to restart when AllowOnlyAdminToUseMontel was reset to 0 and MonTelAutoRestart = 1 if Popupvb was run locally.
  • Client: Changed the way that the client finds the MonTelApplication path to defaulting to identifying it from the PABX.INI file.
  • Edini32: Added ShowSplashScreen to the [popup] section.
  • Notify32: Added /NOLGO and /SHOWSPLASH command line options.
  • Client: Menus and buttons previously disabled are now not displayed at all if the user does not have necessary security level.
  • Services: Regression error from 2.11.32 (or slightly before) - Running START as a command line option cause a "StartService failed. The parameter is incorrect." error.